Online Gambling Ads

Every time it seems that the US government has gotten completely absurd, something happens to remind us all that it can always get worse. It is being reported by several online gambling venues that the government is now going after online gambling information sites for accepting ads for online casinos.

The latest blow came in the form of a subpoena that has been presented to one online gambling information operator, in which they have been named for allowing illegal online gambling ads to play on their site. This is not related to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, according to our source, but rather a different crack down altogether.

This leaves many ewire casinos in canada wondering who will be served next. Any and all sites that accept online casino and online gambling ads will be under a microscope. This means that all of the support venues and those websites that accept ads are now in danger of losing their ad revenue which is what powers these sites.

The site that was served is supposedly being investigated for the terms of the agreements between the online casinos and online gambling venues that are advertising on their site. It is not yet known if there is to be certain wording in the agreements that will make them legal, so sites are now scrambling to see where they might need to go from here.

One thing is very clear; however, if the government is able to stop the online casinos from advertising, you will end up seeing a lot less online gambling sites as they won’t be able to afford the costs of the business without their revenue source.

It would appear that six different online gambling operations have had their eCOGRA ‘safe and fair’ seals pulled from their sites. The company said that as part of their normal seal renewal process they had done an on-site review at the operations concerned and they had not been able to qualify for the renewal.

eCOGRA, or the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance company had to suspend the accreditation of the six sites due to the results of the review. The company has only done this one other time, and that was when the Jackpot Factory group was suspended and fined $25,000 for black hat SEO activities.

The sites will undergo further investigation by the team to see what needs to be corrected before they can be renewed, and the company says that the management in each of these online casinos has been notified of the suspension.

The company has also revoked Arctic Poker’s accreditation as it has not been reviewed and the company has passed its renewal date. The site is located at This is a huge blow for the online casino, and the site will lose a tremendous amount of business due to the ruling.