Poker Night in America. Turn and Burn

– [Chris] From Turning Stone Resort, in up state New York, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Poker Nights in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Along with a guy who only buys shoes in half sizes. He’s Joe Stapleton. We’re back at Turning Stone Resort in up state New York. – Hello my babies, coming up tonight if you like playing poker with just one eye open have we got the show for you.

It’s a couple of rounds of blind man’s bluff. Things get a little weird. – [Chris] We continue day two, a couple of players who were with us on day one are now sitting back down. Rep Porter in seat two, and Mike Dentale in seat five. – [Joe] The big looser so far is the guy with two first names.

Richard Anthony. Ya suspect Dick, ya suspect. – I dunno just say the five-deuce a minute ago. – [Joe] Put the Tender down Shaun, you’re a dad. – [Porter] It made me sad when you showed me the five-deuce.

– [Chris] Blinds are $25 and $50. – I said it made me sad when you showed me the five-deuce. – You thought you were going to win with the three when I checked back?

– [Chris] Most of the players taking advantage of the optional $100 straddle under the gun. – Thank you Jill. He doesn’t say it, but I will. – Thank you, Jill. – I always say thank you.

– I didn’t hear it. – You didn’t that time. – She didn’t serve it yet. – She’s not the server.

(laughter) – [Thomas] Come on, just, we can gamble. – [Porter] Maybe she just came by to learn about your web site. – [Chris] Deeb out of the small blind makes it $825.

– [Thomas] – I don’t know that web site. I thought we were talking about the shoe fetish site.

(chuckles) – You’re ahead. – I’m not. (laughter) How much is it? – Such a weak slow-roll. – Come on bro. – [Chris] $800 to call Deeb, this is your opportunity to fold.

– You wouldn’t fold five, deuce here bro. – [Chris] Just telling you. – I have worse then five, deuce.

– He’d have to flip first too. – I have deuce, seven. – [Chris] Oh no.

Shaun Deeb setting up a different kind of slow roll now. A sly slow roll. – Let’s go deuce, seven. – Show one. – I have deuce, seven.

Deuce, seven of clubs. – I got jack, ten of heart. – No you don’t. – What you think I got? – You do not have jack, ten of hearts. – [Joe] Well, Travell’s flopped pretty good.

– Four of clubs. – Flat out, thought this was going to be a ripped card. – [Joe] And Deeb only can hit an ace. – Oh my god.

– I have the nut low. I can not win. – You win, bro.

– He has 2-4. – I got queens. – Yeah you win. – Bro, I know you win the hand, bro. (laughter) I know you win, bro. (laughter) – River the (beep) ace.

– Of course. Of course he rivers an ace. – He always gets the perfect– – [All] (talking and laughing at once) – I knew he was doing it, so whatever. – I was doing it pre-flop. How do you know I was doing it? – I knew you hit the ace, bro.

– Ace-nine off suite was my slow-roll hand. – I knew you hit the ace. – [Dentale] Go Tommy, go Tommy. – [Hanson] You won that without a showdown. – [Porter] Was there $5000 in that pot Shaun? – [Deeb] He only had $1600 I know.

– [Porter] Sad. – [Chris] Tom Cannuli with queen, nine suited. Another November niner. Along with this guy. Joe McKeehen.

You may have heard of him, he’s become famous. – [Porter] We got five bottles. – You got five? Was it four of Caymus?

– She had five bottles of Caymus only. – Oh really? – She found five downstairs. – Awesome. – So I told her just to leave them all.

Because you would drink it. – Yeah. – [Chris] Wow, we’ve got some top shelf wine that’s coming to the table. – [Joe] Come on guys, we all know you’re not drinking bottles of wine. You’re drinking boxes.

– Rep, where you going back to? – [Joe] Wine tastes better at right angles. – Where am I going back too?

Like where do I live? – Yeah. – Seattle. – Seattle. – [Chris] Torelli, Cannuli, and Deeb. Sounds like a bad law firm.

Going to the flop. – [Joe] Oh man, get the popcorn. This is going to be a Blues Brothers style car crash. And Shaun Deeb is going to be the Illinois state police.

– I knew you had it on the flop. – [Joe] Torelli is kicking off the pile up with an $800 bet. – [Dealer] Call. – [Joe] Shaun Deeb doesn’t have the worse hand, but he has zero percent chance of ending up the winner. And I think he can certainly raise here.

Despite the fact that he’s drawing dead, it’s a draw heavy board, folks are very likely to have some kind of piece. Especially with a bet and a call already in front of them. – [Chris] So the number is $3300 from Deeb. Back to Torelli. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear the tap dancing coming out of Alec Torelli’s brain.

– [Joe] – (chuckles) I’m glad you came to the same conclusion I did, that he is just tanking here so he doesn’t seem to excited. Take your time, play it cool. Don’t get the chips in too fast. – [Chris] The question is, does Torelli want to keep both Cannuli and Deeb interested here? – [Joe] He’s going to flat here.

If he tanks this long and then raises it’ looks super strong, but yeah, he wants Cannuli to call behind. – [Chris] You survive the turn, and then you eliminate one of them. – [Joe] I mean if it’s a good turn you don’t want to eliminate anyone.

Alright Alec, I think you’ve sold it. Now you’re just wasting our time. – I’ll still give you a $100 to try it. – Nah. – [Chris] He finally has made his decision, and that decision is to call. – [Thomas] Smart decison.

It’s worth more than $100. – [Joe] And with the odds he’s getting, and a draw to one end to the nuts, I don’t think Cannuli can fold. $2500 to win $8500. – [Porter] When they went into the institutional sales. – [Anthony] Oh, no kidding? What years are we talking about?

– [Chris] Oh, baby. – [Porter] It started in January ’99 and I worked through ’04. – [Anthony] Okay.

– [Chris] This pot was barely over $1000 pre-flop, and now we’re at $11,000. – [Joe] And that’s it. Cannulli and Deep are drawing dead. And unfortunately for Deeb, he’s going to think that he just turned the absolute worlds fair. – [Chris] He’s frying fish at this moment. – [Joe] He’s opening a chain of franchises.

– [Chris] (chuckles) – [Joe] Look at that. Everybody plays it slow on the turn. And Cannuli of course, he just has queen high but the two boats out there are playing it slow. – [Hanson] What’s this, that drink, Incredible Hulk? What is in that? – [Joe] And I think Torelli has got a bet here.

Doesn’t want to risk getting two checks behind. – 85. $8500. – [Dealer] $8500. – [Anthony] And how long have you been a pro? – [Porter] I played when I was in college– – Stupid hand.

– [Porter] And then I went north for six years. And I played since, I left there in ’04. – [Joe] I will be so impressed if Deeb is able to fold this. I mean he is loosing to jacks, he’s loosing to jack, ten. – I feel like its Hellmuth’s hand all over again. – [Joe] Loosing to ten-seven, sevens.

His hand just so strong. Yeah, I don’t think he can realistically fold that. – [Chris] And once again, you said it earlier, Alec Torelli is nothing but strong when he plays on Poker Night in America. I see nothing changing my opinion of that play.

For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes, and unedited live streams. – Thanks for coming back to Turning Stone Resort, our stop tonight on Poker Night in America. (players all chatting at once) – [Joe] Should be no surprise, Alec Torelli stacking chips. Seems to be all he does on this show.

– [Chris] Dentale up to $250, with queens. And jacks, McKeehan. – [Thomas] You folded top set to him? – [Chris] Oh, why not? Throw ace, king into the mix. – [Joe] All poker’s greatest hits.

– [Chris] Now if we just had like six, seven suited who’d want to get priced in. – [Joe] Well it’s going to be tough for six, seven suited to get involved now since Shaun Deeb just made it $1100. – I think the big bet games like, there just aren’t enough of them anymore that are high enough stakes. – Sick thing about it, I wasn’t even going to play this hand. That’s the funny thing about it.

– [Chris] Yeah right. – Because I know once you loose a hand, you guys are like, this kids raising me 100%. How come we always do that, right? When we loose a big pot, we raise the next hand. – [Joe] Cause you wake up with queens?

– Joe you drinking one? You want yours right now? – Yes. – This for everybody. This for everybody, right?

– Bart’s having one. – I want one. Is it enough? – Yeah. We got a lot of bottles.

– [Joe] Why thank you. So Dentale just calls, which I like. Deeb could easily be re-raising with garbage, and you don’t want to chase him out. In this case he isn’t. – Stick it in me, dealer. Lovely.

– [Joe] Is Dentale for real? You know why I think he’s called Dentale? Cause there’s something wrong with his mouth. – How much?

– I don’t even know. – [Joe] And I don’t hate the all-in protection shove here. He can certainly get called by jacks, he might get called by ace, ten. He could get called by a draw. McKeehan does call him with a with worse hand, Deeb gets out of the way. – [Dentale] I have queens.

– [Deeb] Show the hands. – [Porter] Shaun who else needs wine? – [Joe] And it’s a queen on the river.

– [Deeb] Nice speech, buddy. – [Joe] McKeehan needed to hit a jack. Did not. – [Cannuli] That was a crazy speech you put on there with that hand. I knew why, what you’d say? – I wasn’t even going to play this hand.

– [Both] (talking at once) – [Dentale] I think we should choose the card to show though. – [Torelli] No. – [Deeb] No.

– I think it’s more fun that way. – We’ll do an orbit each. – [Torelli] It’s kinda more fun if you do it after the flop.

– Not an orbit each bro. No, bro. I’m stuck, I need to get back even. – [Chris] K, so everyone is playing with one card up.

– [Joe] Of course Deeb’s got a pair. – [McKeehen] He’s much ’em anyways, I was trying to help him out. (laughter) – All I see is ace, king. – [Chris] Richard Anthony makes it $400.

– [Dentale] So full of bluffness it’s amazing. (laughter) – [Chris] He’s got an ace showing. – [Anthony] That’s not a bluff.

– I think I have a super edge on this game. – [McKeehen] The sick thing is– Mike, you think that every time. And you’re always wrong, so.

– [Dentale] My mind is just working so creatively. – [McKeehen] You make me want to play this game more. – [Dentale] I’m calling $400 with a six. – [Torelli] Strong. Nothing is as strong as Shaun with a 4 showing.

(laughter) – If he would have raised, I would have been tilted. – [Hanson] Put the king in the sensor there. – [Joe] I want to say when Shaun limp calls with a four showing his hand is kind of face up but it is kind of face up. – [Chris] Well he now got a set of fours.

– [Deeb] Got a pair. – [Chris] Or a pair of fours showing. – [Joe] Torelli has flopped an up and down draw.

Nobody else has got much of anything. – Check. – [Joe] What is step four in alcoholics anonymous? – [Chris] Is that bargaining, reasoning? It’s one of the “ings”.

– Alec, you play a lot of poker or just write articles? What do you do? (laughter) – [Torelli] I do a lot of, a lot of things. – [Thomas], go there.

– God, I’m just loosing money. Constantly. – [McKeehen] Wonder why?

– Listen, before I have you double me up again, relax there. – Things could get really weird. This game can get really weird. – [Joe] I think Shaun is going to raise here, a lot.

– Joe McKeehan, my buddy. Let’s have this on film that Joe McKeehan is my buddy, I do like him. Not.

– [Deeb] 29. – I’ll let him speak for himself. – [Joe] I mean he can just play such mind games with a four showing. – [McKeehen] This game is so silly. – It’s not silly. It use, you need some brain power here, bro.

– [Joe] Do you have any extra you can donate Mike? – Right now this is like, – [Chris] Stop. – Some real heavy thinking here, man.

– [Joe] Do you even think, bro? – I feel like Alec has got, Alec is capped right now. Compared to Shaun. (laughter) – [Dentale] I already know Shaun’s hand, by one thing.

And I’ll wait till then hand ends before I say it. – [McKeehan] Can I bet that you get it wrong, please? – [Dentale] Alright, how much you want to bet?

– [McKeehan] Can we bet $100? – [Dentale] $25? $25, alright. – [Rep] I thought you didn’t bet? – Now I do. – [McKeehen] I’ll bet a quarter with you Mikey.

– [Porter] Then good news is, it’s a wine pot now. – [Deeb] Oh, I forgot about that. – [Dentale] This is the wine pot? – [Porter] There’s a $325 rake all of a sudden.

– [Chris] Board pairs to give Deeb a full house. – [Dentale] This is going to be a huge pot. Just by that card. – [Dentale] Huge.

– [Joe] Huge. Actually, I’m not sure how much bigger this pot gets. Torelli is going to know he could be drawing dead now. Which he is. – [Deeb] $4000 – [Joe] He is drawing deader than Robert Kirkman. That’s the guy that, okay you got that one.

– [Chris] Got it, yeah. Tom Cannuli in between Torelli and Dentale looks like he might be turning as we speak. – [Joe] Brains. – No queen, jack I guess. – [McKeehan] Hold up, we got a bet on.

– No queen, jack for Alec. – Are we betting on Shaun’s other card, right Mikey? – Yeah, $25. – What do you think it is? – Come on.

– [Deeb] Was it $325 Rep for the wine? – [Porter] Yeah. – $25, what card does he have?

– This is no good, Shaun’s too smart for this game. – This is for the cameras, Shaun had jack-balls. – Here you go.

You can play them if you want. – [Chris] Back at Turning Stone Resort on Poker Night in America. He’s Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. There’s wine at the table, and we still don’t have any up here.

– [Joe] Just wait till the next bad beat, there’s going to be lots of wine at the table. Waaa! – [Chris] They’re playing one card up here recently, and that’s where we’re at. – [All] (talking at once) – [McKeehan] I have the biggest card right now. They can fold to me, I can just go all-in and literately never get called. – [Cannuli] What’s that Mark?

– An eight and a deuce, I’m missing hands. – This is the only card that’s relevant. Right here. – [Cannuli] Oh, you have the king. – It’s the only one that’s relevant, yeah. – [Torelli] For sure the hand of you should come from the one up.

No limit hold’em. – How much is it? I’m not kidding. – Like $20,000. – [Cannuli] Seriously how much is it? – [Dentale] Oh, this is going to be great (beep) TV.

Please record this. – [Thomas] Oh yeah, record It please. – Slightly over 20, Tommy. $20,225.

– I call. – He has kings, bro. You sick bastard. – [Anthony] No he doesn’t. – [Dentale] Yes he does.

– [Torelli] It’s on you. – [Deeb] It’s on you. – Oh my God, he’s on and he calls. I have sixes, I fold. – I had the ace of diamonds with it.

– What do you want to do? – Run it twice, show me your nine and I’ll believe it. – Of course he has nines, I mean I (bleep)– – Run it twice, or? – Yeah two times. – Ok, twice. – I think I’d call with two nines there too.

– Wow, you really did it? Alright, I’m not going– – You made a good call. – Maybe this is wrong because I literately only get called by pairs.

– [Joe] So we’re going to run it twice. – We can both make straights, that’s fine. – (chuckles) – [Joe] Nines holding so far, McKeehan picks up jacks is outs. – [Deeb] You guys pay for the other bottle of wine as well. – The six works.

– Yeah we’re fliping kid. – [Dentale] There’s only one six left. – That’s one for you. That’s a good river for me though. – [Joe] So Tom Cannuli wins the first run out, if he wins the second he scoops the whole pot. – There’s no aces or kings out pre.

– [Torelli] No diamonds, yeah. Should win this. – [Joe] As an ace on that flop, very likely Joe McKeehan is going to win this second run out, and they’re going to chop this pot. – There are nines left. – There’s one left. – Nine.

– [Joe] No nine. So they’re going to chop this up. (laughter) – What am I supposed to do with this hand?

– I don’t know. – After I like, play it like this. (laughter) – I limp in, like what am I supposed to do? – I just got in a 40K pot.

– [Chris] Both Cannuli and McKeehan, members of the November nine. (table chatter) – [Chris] As we said earlier that’s the, I’m going to make a million in a couple of month, I call anyway. – [Joe] At least a million.

– I have the worse card on the table. This is not relevant. – It doesn’t count if you play a hand, and you have the best card. That’s just taking your advantage.

– [McKeehan] Luckily, there’s only three more of these hands, guys. – I’m just (bleep) money away. – [Porter] What’s your card, Mike? – Five. – Thanks. – [Deeb] Yeah Alec I think you’ll like stud a lot, if you like this game.

– [Torelli] Really? Isn’t stud limit? Limit is just so boring. – [Joe] Nothing but limpers so far.

Who’s going to raise? – [Torelli] I just don’t have the creativity kinda lacks in it a little bit, right? – [Joe] Oh, I know who.

– [Torelli] It’s just kinda like too mathematical and not as creative for me. – Raise. – [McKeehan] This game is so stupid. – [Torelli] This is just incredible.

– [Dentale] What’s the bet? – [All] $1000. – [Dentale] The whole orange one?

– He said raise it through out a 1000 chip Mikey, that’s how poker works. That means that’s the bet. Something you might learn if you know, you ever get above one and a half. – [Dentale] You know, not for nothing, you might get a tan from these lights. – [McKeehan] Oh really? I look white to me.

Maybe in November. – It’s not fun when people play good pre-flop. Then I can’t see the flop. – [Thomas] Yeah, we all just want to see the flop.

– Yeah, there has to be a cap pre-flop otherwise this game is like. – [Thomas] We said there was a cap, we said there should have been a cap. – [Dentale] You want to see a flop? I put my (bleep) and I put $5000 in with this hand. – [Thomas] You would not put $5000 in with that hand, bro.

– [McKeehan] Tommy berate him, please. – [Thomas] They both folded a king. – [Dentale] That’s the winner boys. – [Thomas] They both folded a king. – [Torelli] Oh yeah, that’s true. When you see the king, yeah.

– [Thomas] I see two kings. – [All] (talking at once) – How’s that, that’s not better for my hand. – [Dentale] Think about it. Look at his other card, I mean.

Yeah! (laughing) Yeah good fold. I told ya kid, you have the nuts. No one has a king here.

No one has a set. All in. – Oh right now, that’s– – All in, it’s all yours. – Yeah, all in.

– It’s all yours. – Truely a sick game actually. – [Joe] Yeah, this whole one card up thing adds a whole new paint job to things. – [McKeehen] I’d rather play blind man’s bluff and just show both cards.

Not no mind. – [Torelli] So awesome, I really like this game. – All in.

(laughter) – [Joe] King, jack is the only thing Shaun is really worried about. He knows he’s very likely to be able to bluff Bart off this hand. – Be great slow-roll if you have jacks here.

– I know well I would have played jacks the exact same way too. Too bad there was a dead jack. – [Dentale] Especially when you checked on the turn. – On the flop?

– [Dentale] On the flop. – [Chris] Alright, we’re going to take a quick break. When we come back find out what Bart Hanson’s final decision is, when we return. – Do we seriously just have a cliff hanger? And one involving Chris’ brother, Bart Hanson?

– It’s not my brother. More Poker Night in America when we come back. Close captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America.

– Welcome back to Poker Night in America from upstate New York, let’s get back to the action. – [Chris] They’re playing one card up, and Shaun Deeb has bet enough to put Bart Hanson all in. – This would be a great slow-roll though. I give him credit. Like this is probably the best game to slow roll. – [Torelli] Oh yeah, when the other guy’s capped, you know that you can slow roll.

– You just have jack high? – [Joe] I really think this could go either way. More levels here than Inception.

I mostly think it’s going to be folds, but maybe Bart snaps him off. – I do not have a king. – Alright, I call.

– You have ace, jack? – Yeah. – (bleep) I tried to bluff you off that one. – You have ace, nine, right? – Yeah. Nice hand.

– [Chris] Maybe Shaun Deeb saying a tad too much. – [Joe] I think Bart was maybe going to call anyway. But that sealed the deal. – [Torelli] This is a great game.

– [Chris] Even though Shaun Deeb lost that hand, I think he still likes the game. – [Joe] So you’re saying Shaun Deeb likes changing the rules to give himself an advantage? – [Chris] Ha. – I wish I could take credit for like, planning out these games I come up with, but it’s just the discussion leads to it. Some people in Vegas always make jokes, they’re never going to play a game I invent for the first three months. They’re just so afraid that I’m a sharp mind, that like I think I’m good at that stuff, but I’m not the best.

There’s been versions of a lot of these games have been formed but, something I’ve done in Chinese poker is we keep inventing it, adding it to new games. Keep mashing up games together because some people like this version of the game, some people like that, so we bring the best components of both, we make a better game that everyone likes. – [Thomas] Rich, we suck. – [Chris] Alright, lets stop for the night and take a look at who is the winners and losers. Well the people who are loosing money are really doing well at it, including Shaun Deeb.

– [Joe] Yeah, only three losers in this game, and one, two, three, four, five, six winners. They’re probably pretty happy. – [Chris] Yeah but Stapes it looks like the only thing that Shaun Deeb is doing wrong right now is everything.

Because he’s down almost 18K. – [Joe] I think he’s going to have no problem climbing his way out of that hole. I guarantee you by the time this secession is over there’s going to be a lot more red arrows and if his isn’t green it’s going to be a much smaller number than that. Next time we close things out from Turning Stone. But Joe McKeehan and Shaun Deeb make sure we take it down the home stretch in style. Provided you consider give away T-shirts to be style.

– [Chris] For more from Poker Night in America go to to see unedited live streams and compete episodes. For Joe Stapelton, I’m Chris Hanson. We’ll see you next time on Poker Night in America. – [Dentale] Shaun had, this is for the cameras, Shaun had jack balls. Okay.

– Jack balls? Does that mean he had the jack? His balls for it? – He had four nothing. That was all a bluff. – I though you said you know exactly what he had, you gotta give me a card.

– His card is irrelevant, he had, I feel he did not have, he had like four or five. What are you saying? – I was going to agree with you. – Oh, so now got (bleep).

He didn’t have four, jack. He had four, (bleep)