Pro Gaming Bootcamp

Everyone was to be a pro gamer and today I’m going to show you the hardcore hardware to get them first, you need a killer gaming rig. So me I buy powers revolt. It’S a compact PC, that’s optimized for gaming, with it beefy intel core i7 6700k to help you crush the competition there’s also a gigabyte geforce gtx 1060 16 gigs of DDR for an Intel, 256 gig SSD and one terabyte WD hard drive at less than $ 1,400. It’S even affordable hardcore and an anticipation of being a top draft pick in the pro gaming league. I even had revoked done up with a logo for my favorite team counter logic, gaming read even lebron didn’t just show up and start winning. He needed a good coat and, since i’m still in the market for roommates meet Stephanie Harvey aka.

Miss Harvey to share my rent and prepare me for my world domination. Tour! Wait! What happened to your last roommate! He threw up all over the place.

Miss Harvey is not just a pro-gamer she’s, a five-time world champion how good are her reflexes, and that is going to be it. Plz red will be winning ESWC this year. The other important pieces of hardware you need are the 3m Mouse monitor and mouse pad. Don’T believe me, let’s ask coach well, basically, what’s the most important for me as a player? Is the mouse?

Not only is this what I use to kill my enemies, but it needs to be extremely precise and I need to be able to control my sensitivity so using gaming. Mouses allows you to use these programs or I can change my DPI. Not only that, but it needs to fit perfectly in my hand, and the gaming mouse is usually are more ergonomic and they fit better with in my palm because I’m a risk player, so I need to be using my wrist with the laser Mouse’s these days. You need to have a good surface to play on. I use a black mouse pad to make sure that there’s no interference with my laser and that’s how.

I feel that I do the best, and on top of that, my monitor needs to be at least a hundred twenty years. Not only is it smoother in gameplay, but it also creates less eye fatigue, which is super important all right. So I’m gon na try this target shooting on my noob settings and with this vintage, imac mouse and limited edition grey POS mouse pad. Well, I’m already pretty awesome. What do I do to take its the next level coach? Well, you did pretty good considering what you were using, but why don’t you try all my rig with my sittings and see how you like it?

Well, I’m clearly on my way to being a pro, but there’s two more things. I need the first, a unique gamertag and the second most important piece of hardware, an awesome gaming Jersey covered with logos to show the world what kind of a badass. I am, the circle is now complete.