The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Review

Son of a The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d, this legend for all its visual polish, still retains a lot of the glitches from the original, with some shiny new ones to add to the fun. So with that in mind, let’s check out what this version has to offer. Firstly, let’s escape Cucuy forest using a triple slash clip which will push us past one of the know-it-all brothers and allow us to get out of the forest without even meeting the great Deku Tree. We need to break this sign and then stand here between the know-it-all brother and the broken sign facing directly away from the wall. We next one to enter view mode and then position the camera at roughly.

This point now press the a button to return to normal view and then turn link more than 90 degrees until you have an angle exactly like this now press the B button three times to slash link, sword and then, after the third slash repeatedly tap the a Button to quickly put the sword away, if done correctly, link should now be on the other side of this guy, and from here you have two options to escape. You can simply roll under him at this angle and escape all the more comical ways to slowly move him into the wall and drop him out of existence either way. The result is the same and you’ll be escaping kakari forest earlier than intended. Triple slash clipping works because, as you put away the sword after the third slash link, snaps backwards, a very short distance. This is enough to allow link to bypass collision detection at very acute angles if he’s lined up correctly.

Something to note is that if you attempt this after learning, Zelda’s Lullaby rolling won’t work to escape the reason is the normal brother doesn’t clip up the side of the log now which slowed him down a few frames allowing link to roll under also, he won’t fall Through the wall anymore, so that’s something to consider, although this isn’t the only method to escape cocoon forest. The navi dive method used in the original still works, but is now combined with the triple slash and becomes the triple slash dive heading to the lost woods and make your way to the entrance to Zoras River, have link stand here and then face in this direction. Both the position and angle, a fairly precise for this trick to work successfully now wait for the Navi icon to begin flashing and once again slash link, sword. Three times then repeatedly tap the Navi icon on the lower screen. Hopefully this should be the result with link going into the pond and dropping to the floor next hold right on the control.

Stick then, exit the dialog box and link should make it into the entrance to Zoras River. If you fail this trick, your best bet is to save and quit out to the final select as it’ll be a while before na’vi speaks to you again, whereas upon opening a file, na’vi only speaks the link within the first minute of gameplay, giving you plenty of Time to setup the trick once again, a successful navi dive will drop you into Zoras River and from there you can make your way to Hyrule Field, triple slash clips and Navi dives have other uses in getting to stuff early or skipping them altogether. For example, getting to the bottom of the well utilizes, both techniques, only at different times of the day in Kakariko village during the day, grab a cocoa and then throw into this corner next to the sign and then wait for it to calm down now.

Go through this passage towards the graveyard and stand link in this corner to the right, go into view mode and line up the camera. Exactly like this, using this white area here as a guide, now exit View mode and then use a triple slash, clip to get out of bounds. Hopefully the cuckoo is reachable so grab it and then face link in this direction. Hold the L button and then down on the control, stick to go backwards off this invisible ledge as soon as link drops hold up on the control, stick and then aim for this dark area. Behind the giant rock, and now you should gently glide into the loading zone for the bottom of the well in Kakariko village at night. For some reason, the giant rock that blocks the entrance is no longer there, which is convenient.

As now, we can Navi dive to reach the bottom of the well place, link to the right side of this wooden post. While standing on the well again positioning is the key to getting this to work, perform a triple slash and then repeatedly tap the navi icon. On the lower screen and linkle navi dive next hold down on the control, stick and then close. The dialog box and you’ll enter the loading zone for the bottom of the well.

While down here, the active glitch from the original can still be performed by holding down left as link exits, the tunnel unrolling to the door, then opening up with a key this loads, all the enemies or actors in the next room and unloads. All the actors from the main room, which now link is still in because of the way we open the door. This means we can backtrack to the pool of water at the beginning and the game has unloaded it. So we can enter the tunnel beneath easily. This glitch was originally used to grab the lens of truth early without needing Zelda’s Lullaby, but in the 3d version, once you beat dead hand at the chest containing the lens now spawns and as such, the bars blocking the door never raise so essentially you’re stuck in Here, moving on to Zoras domain and a use of triple slash clipping, we can all appreciate, instead of speaking to king zora, get link into this corner and use view mode.

Then point the camera at this angle, triple slash by pressing B three times and then tap the a buttons put link sword away for a triple slash clip. This puts link out-of-bounds. So now we can simply swim around king zora and up to the path leading to Zoras fountain. This means we never need to deal the king zora, all his slow shuffle ever again as child link in Zoras fountain.

We can enter jabu jabu without a fish using a Deku. Stick stand at this spot next to jabu jabu, facing slightly to the left like so and then hold down the L button take out a Deku stick and then side hop left and whilst in the air press, whichever button the Deku stick is assigned to and the Strike should recall, link into the load zone for inside jabu jabu. Funnily enough, this isn’t the only strange thing about this load zone as adult link. Even when jabu jabu isn’t there by simply going along the edge of this ice block, you can trigger the load zone for inside jabu jabu.

So now you’ve got adult link in a child link: dungeon nice, while inside jabu jabu and once you have the boomerang, there’s really no need to hang with princess ruto anymore heading back to the second room of the dungeon. We can do what’s called a mega flip to reach a button that we wouldn’t usually be able to. Until much later, a regular backflip only carries link a short distance, but a mega flip using a bomb will do five or six times that distance.

A mega flip is performed by pulling out a bomb and holding the L and R buttons to target and shield now move backwards. So you don’t grab the bomb and then roll towards the bomb as it’s about to explode then hold down on the control. Stick and tap a to backflip when the bomb explodes, and this is the mega flip, which can be used to get over to this button inside jabu. Jabu you’ll need to perform the mega flip from this moving platform, and so timing is important to get the right height as the platform moves upwards and when the mini-map changes.

That’S when you need to pull out the bomb and get in position and the mega flip will take you over to the button. Here’S where we would need princess route o to keep the button held down. But if we backflip onto the button and pull out Zelda’s letter at the right time, we can trick the game into keeping the button held down like so now into the door and carry on with the dungeon as normal.

Before we leave Sora’s domain, his one random wall clip, you can do with adult link for some reason, link can jump slash through this wall and go out of bounds using the iron boots. You are able to swim about below Zoras domain. It’S sadly completely useless, but it’s the easiest out-of-bounds in the game. Okay, let’s move on something really cool. This is a hyper-extended super slide, otherwise known as a Hesse by rolling into a bomb and shielding the explosion with very slight movement on the control. Stick: it’s possible to keep the speed of the recoil and carry it backwards into a super slide.

Firstly, pull out a bomb and then she’ll drop it and move slightly down and right away from the bomb, a reasonable distance. Next, you want to hold the L button and move towards the bomb by pushing the control stick. So link is just barely moving towards the bomb now roll, just as the bomb explodes letting go of the L button and then quickly. Press L and R together to target and shield, if done correctly, link, will now slide backwards at speed, which not only looks cool but is extremely useful for covering huge distances quickly.

The very slight movement towards the bomb is called the ESS position, and you need to maintain that position on the control. Stick throughout the entire super slide. Moving the control stick too much during a slide will end it so hold that ESS position the whole time to change angle during the slide quickly target and re target using the L button.

Timing is very important in getting a hesse, so make sure you roll as the bomb explodes then quickly target in shields. A hyper-extended super slide is the fastest method of movement in the game, but can be very tricky to pull off without practice. A different version of this glitch is a forward extended, super slide or thest and is much easier to achieve move the control. Stick enough that you get ESS which results in links spinning on the spot, like this hold that position and then pull out a bomb and as the bomb explodes press. The L button to target, hopefully with proper timing link, will begin sliding forward at speed.

Fs, though slower than a Hesse is still much faster than normal movement, so that’s the hyper-extended super slide and the forward extended super slide and from speedy, horizontal movement to an insane vertical jump. This is a hook-shot jump and, as you can clearly tell makes links shoot way up into the air for this glitch you’ll need either the hover or iron boots and the hook shot or longshot respectively, stand in front of something you can hook shot and then equip The hover or iron next hold the L button and then ready the hookshot and move the aiming site upwards. Using the control. Stick, let go of the control.

Second, as the site begins to move downwards tap the button the boots are assigned to. If you time the action correctly, links should be fired up into the air, letting go of the L button, just as link shoots up into the air gives you a free camera, so you’re able to see where links going to land as you have complete control over Link while in the air it’s okay to hold onto the L button, you’ll just have a very restricted idea of where you reside spatially. The hookshot jump can be used to get to the shadow temple early. Once you have the hookshot nine boots by landing on the edge of Kakariko graveyard and going around to the entrance, it can be used in a variety of places within the game to skip Keys, entire sections of dungeons or just have fun with it’s a tricky glitch To get down, but with practice you’ll get a feel for it. Also, the higher you aim, the higher you go. Another cool glitch you can do with the hook.

Shot is called hook, shot clipping by strafing hard against the wall and using the L button to target releasing L and then retargeting with L. Again, links arm will clip through walls, and, if you aim downwards, it’s something that you can hook shot link can further clip through the wall entirely using the hook shots pull. This is useful on several occasions, such as the Gerudo training ground. If you stand hard up against the left wall, backflip target with the L button ready the hook shot and then turn around aim downwards. To hook shot a fence in the section with the chest and you’ll clip through this skips, an entire sequence of doors and keys and gets you the ice arrows early. Another use of hook, shot clipping is in the shadow temple by strafing into this wall, aiming the hook shot then target and re target. Two links on goes through aim down words slightly and you’ll be able to hook shot this ladder, which skips a lot of the shadow temple.

Sometimes link doesn’t even need the hook shot to clip through things. He can do it all by himself, using ledge clipping facing a wall move slowly to an edge and on the first frame of grabbing animation press. The L button to target and link should clip through the ground grabbing the ledge facing the wrong way from there. It’S possible to press the a button to drop from the ledge and get out of bounds. A useful example of this glitch would be to skip the fire temple boss.

Key in this room with the song of time, block moves slowly along this wall and press. The L button as link falls to grab the ledge and, once he’s clipped through the floor press. The a button to drop now hold down left on the control. Stick and link should hit the loading zone for the boss room.

The skipping the boss key another use of ledge clipping is in skipping king zora as adult link using this edge of the wall, move slowly left and when link Falls quickly, target with L and then immediately press. The a button and link should fall out of bounds. It’S very easy to clip back in bounds so target using L and then move right to stay out of bounds. Then much like the child link king zora skip you can just move around out of bounds and then swim up to the path leading to Zoras fountain.

This can be pretty precise, but with a good angle and timing, you will be able to get out of bounds so between child and adult link. We really never have to do with king zora. Ever again, a Ledge clip with a difference is used to skip the entire forest temple at the top of these stairs in the main room side, hop into the corner of the rail and then aim the hookshot at this spot on the wall, fire the hook shot And then immediately hold the L button to target and now backflip and tap the hookshot button during the flip link should now be on the other side of the rail so now press B to clip through the ledge and then a to drop now out-of-bounds stand in The center of the stairs facing the main room and then hold L and then simply hold down on the control stick as you fall, you’ll hit the load zone for the boss room skipping all of the forest temple. Moving on. This is a trick called the hammer slide and with it it’s possible to cross large gaps and get to places, link wouldn’t usually be able to to perform a hammer slide, stand in front of a wall or an object that will cause linked knock back if he Strikes it press the hour button with the Megaton hammer and links hand and then use the hammer immediately putting on the hover boots once it hits the wall.

This should give link a lot of recoil speed and send him backwards with the Honda boots carrying him across a large gap. The sooner you equip the hover boots, the faster and further you’ll go using a hammer slide it’s possible to enter the great Deku Tree is a dolt link, get up to the top of this house in kukuri forest and then stand against this leaf. Stalk perform a hammer slide. Equipping the boots really quickly and link should be able to get over to the twins house from here using the hopper boots, it’s possible to make your way around the outside of kokiri forest as the floor here is solid in places.

You now need to make sure that the bottom of the Deku trees face doesn’t load by at least making it this far without touching the ground leading up to the great Deku Tree. Now, though, backwards towards the Deku Tree hit the load zone and yet again we have adult link in a child link dungeon. Another awesome use of hammer slides comes in the form of skipping Ganon’s trials, go to the lowest stairs right next to the water trial door.

Position yourself like this, so you are standing on the fifth step from the bottom of the stairs and facing slightly to the right, like this press, the hour button and then use the hammer to nudge link out away from the wall, then repeat quickly. Equipping the hover boots to slide and then towards the end of the slide, let go of our hold L and then backflip into the load zone. Skipping Ganon’s trials completely.

Okay, before we move on to the really game breaking stuff in Kakariko graveyard, is child link. The heart piece that you get from damp’is grave-digging game can be picked up multiple times, even when you reach the maximum twenty hearts available. If you keep repeatedly playing the grave-digging game, there’s a 10 % chance that damn P will dig up the heart piece. Once again, you can reload the graveyard by heading back to the village, all by opening one of the graves to keep trying for the heart piece, and eventually it will appear not only that they also add your current total of hearts. This means, once you have all 20 hearts, you’ll, be adding to a 21st heart which, when complete, is represented by a dark pulsing circle. Over the view, button on the bottom screen carry on to a twenty second heart, and this looks like a stone, textured circle covering the previous dark circle.

So essentially from this glitch, you can get infinite heart pieces. How crazy is there and now on to breaking the game, which all begins with a simple glitch called restricted items in many areas of the game? Certain items are restricted, such as bombs, but using this glitch you can use almost any item you put on X or Y in a place. It wouldn’t usually be allowed.

A restricted item will appear transparent and an item that you can use will appear normal. If you go into the item menu and switch those two items around when you leave the item menu, there’s one frame where the item can be used, you can time it or mash the button at the item you want to use is assigned to. But hopefully, if you hit that one frame that it’s active, the item will be used as normal and this one glitch becomes the starting ground for the most game breaking glitches in this version.

Firstly, we’ll use restricted items to steal the rod at the fishing pond. Once you have the fishing rod in links, hands used, restricted items to place a bomb and then cast the fishing line. The explosion will damage link allowing him to move while the rod is cast so head to the door of the fishing pond and leave now outside we’ve stolen the fishing, and this opens up a whole world of possibilities for glitches. The first glitches we’ll look at user poni, so we’ll need to steal it back from Lon Lon ranch funny glitch to do with the races.

You can stop in the middle of a race and let Ingo ride off into the distance and then casually ride. To the finish line and you’ll still win the race, and this applies to both races. So once we have app owner back, steal the rod and then jump in the water and then on the other side, call Epona now right over to the magic leaf and then let it take you back to the fishing pond enter an exit. The fishing pond then go get on a poder and now you’ll be able to use any item on horseback like the hookshot, where, if you hook shot this tree in Lake Hillier and then get off a poner link will now fly around attached to the hook shot.

He can go way out across the lake and even out of bounds, but just make sure he doesn’t touch the ground as then you’ll be stuck in place. If link returns to the point where the hook shot was aimed he’ll be fired into the air. If you take opponent back to London, rant and then use for roars wind as she jumps over the wall, when the camera returns to Epona, she’ll be standing on an invisible floor out of bounds, or is she a poner, the flying Wonder horse? Okay, let’s set up two of the funniest looking glitches in the game for this glitch, you’ll need 21 or more unique items in the game. So here’s a checklist of some stuff to grab you’ll also need to have completed the forest temple, so you’re able to switch between child and adult link and, lastly, only have one or two masks traded. So here we go still the fishing rod again using restricted items and then leave the fishing pond jump in the lake go back inside the fishing pond and then leave it.

Yet again. You’Ll now have Deku sticks on the B button, but we need our B button. Blank so break all the Deku sticks till you have none left next put bugs in a bottle on the Y button and then drop and recatch them with the bottle in links hands. We next need to do the following: backflip press, the Y button and then press B before link hits the ground.

If done correctly. You’Ll now have a bottle on the B button. Next, we need to get rid of all our bombs and bomb shoes, and then we need to dupe a bottle over them. To do this. Put bombs on the X button then drop the bugs on Y re, catch them so they’re in Lynx hand and then backflip, press Y and then press X do exactly the same steps for bomb choose and now both bombs and bomb shoes will have a bottle duped Over them with that part of the setup complete warp to the temple of time, turn back into child link and then head for the happy mask job to get the Keaton Mars. Make sure that the Keeton mask is the only mask you’ve traded, thus far in the game.

Otherwise, this setup won’t work. Next, put the bottle of bugs on Y and the Keeton mask on X, drop and recatch. The bug so they’re in Lynx hand, then backflip and quickly, press Y and then X, to dupe over the Keaton mask with a bottle head back to the temple of time and put the jib Keeton mask bottle in the bottom right hand, corner of the items menu. So you’ll be able to find it now switch back to adult link and put the duplicate and mask bottle on and then unequip.

Everything except that bottle, like so switch to child link and then go back to the happy mask shop to grab the skull mask. Go to the lost woods and then trade, the skull mask with the Skull Kid, and upon doing so, you should now hopefully have a big red X on which means you have no mask, if so, walk back to the temple of time to become adult link. Once again, we need to put a bottle back on the B button, so drop and catch bugs back flip press Y and then B and voila bottle on the B button huh with all that setup. You’Re now ready to do hilarious, looking glitches first off head to Kakariko village and win the archery game for the very first time on that file instead of receiving the quiver upgrade, nothing will happen, but instead you’ll be able to lift the archery guy. If you throw him, he’ll remain in place now.

I know what you’re thinking I don’t have any legs, but just hear me out things just got a lot weird in here. I think it’s time to leave head to the Gerudo archery game, win it once and then beat the 1500 score to win overall once again, instead of receiving a prize. The real trophy is this Gerudo lady, who you can pick up and run around with and if you throw her she’ll be thrown into space she’s never coming back is she previously mentioned, was the bottle on the B button, and once you have that situation, there’s another Interesting glitch that can be carried out with a bottle on B, head back to the temple of time and make sure you have 17 arrows and put the bottle of bugs on two and then change back to child link, as child link also put a bottle of Bugs on two and then switch back once again to adult link.

Now you should have the Megaton hammer on the B button. Simply because of the amount of arrows you had in your inventory and using these steps you can get different items on big here’s. The number of arrows you need for certain items on B, so you can try some out but wait there’s more. What you want to do now is write a poner or any other horse in the game and, while on horseback saving is optional, but you have to quit the game now create a new file and load it up and once the intro is over and you gain Control of link head outside of his house and once outside press the B button and uh a year, it’s hammer time. This is new game+, meaning you can begin a new file with any item on B.

Choosing the hammer means when we venture into the lost woods. We can break down the rocks leading to Goron city, which means we have yet another way to escape Kakeru forest and now for the real uses of the restricted items glitch using the glitch, we’re able to place Feroze wind in places you’re usually unable to, for instance, The twins house in kukuri forest next, we want to put specific items on button, so we’ll put bombs on 1 deku nuts on X and furrows wind on Y. We also want to get links health down to half a heart or a quarter heart. If you have double damage now, we need to find one of the many grotto holes hidden around Hyrule, and this is where things get interesting. We need to place a bomb at the edge of the hole and then quickly get around to the opposite side.

We then need to time a jump slash towards the hole so that the bomb kills link and he falls through the floor. Under the map like this during the fall, we don’t need to save, but we do need to quit out of the game. This will result in link dying in the lake highly a lab, and if we continue, the game link will be alive and well inside the lab you’ll now notice.

The bottom screen is the menu background screen and you won’t have access to your items, but the ones you assigned earlier will still work so go ahead and use for always wind on the Y button. To return to the warp point, everything will now be in complete darkness, so use a Deku nut on the X button and you’ll realize we’re actually inside the Sacred Realm cutscene, with the three goddesses floating in space. You can move around this area, but only when holding the L button and if you venture out far enough link, will fall off the edge of the world and because there’s no program death trigger here, you’ll have to reset the game completely.

The act of glitching out a grotto hole to end up somewhere else is called death, hole wrong, warping and using it. We can end up with some really cool effects, use restricted items to place, Feroze Wind in the market and then perform the death hole wrong warp again, just like before you’ll end up in the lake highly a lab so now use Feroze wind to return to the Warp point sure enough: you’ll be back in the market, but now all the exit points lead to the wrong places, for instance heading to the shooting gallery and you’ll end up outside the temple of time and when you head inside, provided that you’ve never seen the intro Cutscene for the temple of time in the file you’re playing link will now be on the other side of the door of time. As you can see, no spiritual stones are in place, so this is essentially skip the door of time. You can pull out the sword and the cutscene will play, but when it’s over in your adult link, when you try to leave the door of time, is still there to leave the temple of time save and quit then reopen the file and link will be placed On the other side of the door of time – and you can leave that’s death, hole wrong, warping, but there’s also another form of wrong warping using the blue warps at the end of every dungeon, by standing at the edge of the blue warp side, hop away from It then end towards it about this much now here comes the hard part. You need to side hop back towards the blue warp, then bring up the items menu to do restricted items and use for Rose wind at the very edge of the warp because of the one frame nature of restricted items. This is one of if not the hardest glitches in the game.

You’Ll want to press items on the bottom screen just before side hopping towards the blue warp as there’s a small amount of lag between pressing items and the menu appearing now swap out a useable item. Furros, wind and then perform the restricted items glitch to cast it at the edge of the blue warp. You may want to practice restricted items, so you can get it every time before attempting this, if you manage to cast for Rose wind at the edge of the blue warp, it’ll. Look like this now wait until the blue warp looks like this before selecting return to warp point and you’ll now be sent somewhere. Unexpected, for instance, use restricted items to cast for AWS wind at the entrance for the Lost Woods from kokiri forest and then beat Goma inside the great Deku Tree now correctly perform a wrong warp.

Using this blue warp and you’ll be sent to a cutscene. You’D usually see after receiving the silver gauntlets, only you don’t have them yet, and so, when you do grab them, you’ll have to watch the cutscene again, but hey you have the silver gauntlets now and you can also learn the requiem of spirit while you’re here. So that’s pretty cool use, restricted items to cast for AWS wind that the gates in Kakariko, meaning you have to enter Kakariko village from death mountain then go and be king dodongo in dodongos cavern and perform another wrong warp, and this will send you to the cutscene. Where you learn Nocturne of shadow only now your child link so links kind of obscured by a few dialog boxes. But this does mean you can walk to the shadow temple early as adult link place for rules wind in the great fairies fountain by the desert. Colossus and then go beat the fire temple using this blue warp to wrong warp, will send you to a messed up version of the Temple of Time.

Link will now be placed on the wrong side of the floor upside down, so you’ll see his feet, clip through the floor or his whole body running along the ground. At an odd angle, this looks hilarious, but things just hunt right here. The spiritual stones are weirdly placed in speaking to the chicest stone. I mean what is this and then the game crashed? And finally, if you place Feroze wind at the entrance, the Goron city from Death Mountain then go and beat king dodongo. When you successfully wrong warp using that blue warp you’ll be sent to the credits of the game, but they play out in a weird way, scenes go on a lot longer than they should so eventually, the music ends before the credits do wrong.

Warping, while very difficult is an amazing glitch to have fun with it just requires some practice. It can only be successfully performed once per blue war after the cutscene is used. The game considers it a normal war, but you will receive whichever stone or medallion was attached. That cutscene, but there you have it some amazing and hilarious glitches for you guys to try out in Ocarina of Time 3d, and if you liked this episode hit that like button share it with everyone, you know and love. But most importantly, please subscribe. If you want to see more from the series head over to the Facebook page for the show, I post updates and sneak peeks to upcoming episodes and keep you guys in the know about all things.

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